Voice-N-Data Solutions was established February 3, 2003.  We are a small business located in Kingsville, Maryland.  We specialize in all of your communication needs.  From small offices to large companies and even government agencies, we have the knowledge and staffing to provide a professional solution.


Voice-N-Data Solutions offers many products and services such as a complete install of a new phone system, audio and video recording products, dictation equipment/system, computer network, servicing and upgrading your existing equipment, a single cable run or a custom designed cabling infrastructure.  We can install controlled access security systems to your facility and CCTV for video surveillance.  We can install a distributed television system for your facility and nurse call systems for patient care.  Voice-N-Data Solutions has professionally trained staff for each of these vertical markets and our business is built upon customer care and total customer satisfaction.


Voice-N-Data Solutions is a proud partner with leading commercial media content suppliers.  With our strategic partnerships we have the ability to setup new accounts or review your current contracts to provide a more economic media services package with improvements to workflow and productivity.  These services include telephony services (phone lines and phone service plans), internet accessibility, and mobile office technology. We can structure anyone of these services individually or as bundled packages to fit your company's needs.


With today's economy and the "Think Green" philosophy, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your business equipment/hardware affect your bottom line on a daily basis.  The TCO of a piece of equipment or system is not only the initial price, but it also includes the electricity to run the equipment, ongoing service, maintenance and administration that it takes to maintain your systems.  Ask us how our product offerings will allow you to lower your TCO and to "Think Green".


Voice-N-Data Solutions is looking forward to earning your business.